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Narwal Freo & Freo X Ultra Water Exchange Module

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Narwal Freo Automatic Water Exchange Module is Narwal's innovative module to provide a next-level hands-free experience for our customers. By installing this module, the process of adding clean water, pouring dirty water, and cleaning the dirty water tank during mopping will be eliminated, as the module can automatically get clean water from your home's water source to clean the mop clothes and drain dirty water away.

It is an automatic module combining the clean water tank and the dirty water tank, and it works just like how a laundry machine works: after correctly installing the module, it will connect to your home's cold water source and drainage. Once Freo starts mopping, the module will detect the mopping task. The control box will send a signal to get water from your home's water source through the clean water pipe and store in the embedded clean water tank inside the module. Cleaning water will be used to clean the mop clothes. When Freo returns to the base station for mop cleaning, the module will collect and store the dirty water inside the embedded dirty water tank. The control box will send a signal to drain the dirty water through the dirty water pipe.



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